Driving Offences


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Many traffic related offences carry severe penalties and life with a criminal record can be difficult.

If you have been charged by police for drink driving (DUI), refusing a breath test, speeding, or any other traffic offence then Levy Partners can assist.

We have lawyers who are experts that know how to challenge police radar, RTA speed cameras and breathalyzer results.

We can tell you if the blood alcohol concentration reading was accurate, or whether your charges may be downgraded or even demonstrating that you did not commit an offence at all.

Our lawyers will explain the penalties that may apply and the potential outcomes of your case as well as the costs involved. We can advise about RTA demerit points, good behaviour licences, licence appeals and licence suspension.

We work hard for your best interests in all traffic matters.

We can provide expert legal advice in all areas of traffic law, including:

  • Speeding offences
  • Drink driving charges
  • Drug driving charges
  • On-the-spot licence disqualifications
  • Appeals against license suspension

There is no substitute for our experience. Ensure that you are represented by one of our expert solicitors.

Whether you are looking for a drink driving lawyer, drug driving lawyer, traffic specialist, licence appeal lawyer, or drink driving specialist, Levy Partners offers one of the most comprehensive range of traffic related services in Sydney.

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