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All of us strive to do the right thing by our families and loved ones during our lifetimes and long after.

It’s important to plan now to ensure the appropriate powers of attorney are in place to afford those we trust most have the legal right to administer our affairs to the benefit of our loved ones when we are no longer capable or have passed on.

At Levy Partners we are specialists in preparing legal wills, administering estates and probate.

We strive to guide our clients to a customised arrangement that is most appropriate for their individual situation and achieves the desired outcome.

Straight forward & easy to understand advice when it matters.

We offer specialised legal advice and services in:

  • Drafting wills & testamentary trusts
  • Applying for grants of Letters of Administration or Probate
  • Claims against Estates
  • Claims against Trusts or Trustees




Why update or revise your will?

No matter how much your assets are worth or how simple your wishes, if you are over 18, you need a will. If you have already made a will some time ago, it’s equally important to ensure it remains relevant to your current life situation. You should revise and/or update your will if:

  • You have married or divorced
  • You have had children (including adopted or fostered)
  • You have entered into a defacto relationship
  • Your executor has died or has become unwilling or unable to administer your estate
  • A beneficiary dies
  • You have sold, given away, put into a trust or partnership any property you specifically noted in your will

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